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 Post subject: Battle Server update is being added to all UK/US worlds
PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:57 pm 

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We are in the process of updating all UK/US worlds and hope to be done with them today. The update includes minor bugfixes and changes for the normal game worlds, but the most important portion of the update is the new Battle Server feature! Below is an overview of the Battle Server update:

- On the test server and on all KF worlds that are connected to the Battle Server in the future you will see the "KnightFight time" at the top center in a new field. This is the server time, but you can select a local time zone in your account settings if you wish.
- The Battle Server will be accessible from ALL KF game worlds at all times. Any player can start a battle session and fight against any other players on the Battle Server who have active battle sessions.
- The Battle Server must be accessed from your home game world using the "Battlefield" menu item. There is no login possible on the Battle Server itself!.
- You can choose from 3 possible battle session types: one costs gold and the other two are "Premium" battle sessions that cost you jewels and allow you to carry out more fights overall and remain on the Battle Server longer.
- Your character will use the items from your home game server that were active when you entered the battle session for the ENTIRE battle session and the character stats, battle efficiency, level and experience points do not ever change during the battle session!
- Your character stats determine your "battle efficiency". The battle efficiency is used to classify opponents and calculate the gold and battle points awarded if you defeat an opponent in an offensive battle. The battle efficiency will NEVER change during a battle session and cannot be influenced.
- There are NO missions or tavern jobs or clans etc. on the Battle Server; it's a BATTLE server. :)
- Your character ALWAYS has 100% health.
- You can make attacks on other players every 5 minutes but you can only attack the same player once every 12 hours. You receive battle points ONLY if you attack and defeat a player near or above your own battle efficiency. Only a small gold reward is given for defeating weaker players. Defenses result in NO gold or battle points for the defender whether the battle is lost or won!
- You can search for opponents by name or by battle efficiency.
- You do NOT steal or lose any gold on the Battle Server; any gold or battle points are awarded by a "Judge" based on the battle efficiency of your character and that of the character you attack. Attacks on significantly weaker players result in NO battle points and only small gold rewards if you win!
- The more powerful your opponent based on his/her battle efficiency compared to your own (the level has NO direct influence!), the higher the reward will be if you defeat the opponent. The battle efficiency is based on the player's TOTAL DAMAGE, TOTAL DEFENSE and on the STAMINA, FIGHTING ABILITY and PARRY skills, including any item bonuses. In other words, the equipment you have on when you enter the Battle Server will determine your battle efficiency along with your character skills and CANNOT be changed during the entirety of the battle session!
- There is an extensive high score that is only found on the Battle Server, which uses data generated during battle sessions.
- When the battle session has ended, you receive the gold you have accumulated from your victorious offensive battles and the battle points you have gained will be transformed into a certain number of experience points and the gold and EP will be credited to your game account on your home game world, along with any medals you may have won during the battle session.
- Your account on your home game world will now have a "medal collection" that can be used to display your medals from the Battle Server if you desire. You can also delete any medals you do not wish to keep.

Please don't expect a quick answer or ANY answer to PMs sent in the forum! I cannot possibly answer PMs personally and do all the other things I need to do. Please contact the game support team if you need help!

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