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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:45 pm 
Nordic Viking

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Failure to follow any rule set here may result in a warning, ban, or deletion of account. Rules are subject to change, and revisions will be made public as soon as possible. You are responsible for following all the rules - ignorance for not reading them is no excuse to disobey them.

1)Users must follow all reasonable requests from the KF staff.

2)Topic titles must indicate what the post is about. Titles such as “Bug!” or “Question” or “What the heck?” are not proper titles.

3)Spamming, the posting of unnecessary and irrelevant content is not appropriate, and will not be tolerated.

4)Double posting, the posting of the same question in multiple topics, or posting twice in a row in the same topic is not allowed. You may request your thread be moved if you feel it was placed in the wrong area, and you can edit your own post to add any information that you may have forgotten.

5) Post your thread in the appropriate topics. For example, questions in the Help and Questions section, suggestions in the Suggestions topic.

6)Offensive, pornographic, illegal, politically charged or right-wing extremist nicknames, profiles, posts or private messages will not be tolerated. This includes text and pictures.

7)It is not permitted to post other peoples in-game name, or links to their accounts.

8)It is not permitted to post your bite-link anywhere except in your signature, disguised in text or by an image.

9) The maximum size for forum avatars is 100x100 pixels, for signature pictures 468x100 pixels and 75 kb. Any signature or image that distorts the forum will be immediately removed.

10)Ban walking, any attempt to access the forum after a ban has been given will result in a longer or even permanent ban. This includes registering a new account.

11)The official language of this forum is English, and as such all posts must be in English.

12)Political and religious beliefs are to be kept to a minimum, not to repress any belief or stance, but out of respect of everyones differing beliefs. This is to include avatars.

13)Knights may not be sold for real money. However giving away knights for free, and trading them for jewels is allowed at your own discretion and risk. RMS and KF Staff are not responsible for loss of account or failure to transfer jewels. Advertising your knight is only allowed in the off topic area.

14)Impersonating RMS or KF Staff is also not allowed, which includes the cloning of admin names, or the use of such titles as “Kfstaff” “Admin” or any other such name.

15)Posting bite-links to other games is not permitted.

16)PMs (Private messages) taken from the forum, in-game, chat room(s), emails, or other methods of communication are considered personal information and should NOT be posted in-game, PM'd to other users (with the exception of the Administration for administrative matters), in chat rooms, forums, or anywhere else, without express permission from everyone in the discussion.

 Post subject: Re: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:41 am 
Cool as Ice

Joined: Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:58 pm
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Commentary on rule 16:

There was an unwritten belief that PM's were not to be shared without permissions of both parties, since the PM's are "Private Messages." Events I have seen before and up to this point, such as the posting of Admin PM's or other user PM's in open view, has happened...this rule is not ment to limit chat on a day to day basis, but rather to stop leaking of confidential information.

The main reason this was installed was to prevent sharing of confidential information (Administrative PM's, Emails, etc.) as I know I personally have seen people take what I say and post it. This rule was something I added quickly - perhaps I will modify it to make it more specific.

Now, ex post facto for those of you who have done it - since it only recently got written down, you *should not* be punished if you did this and we did not ask you to stop. If you feel that you have been unjustly reprehended for this rule and were not told to refrain from posting material (chat logs/email/pm's/etc.), please PM us and explain your scenario and we will review the ruling.

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